A Compact History of Mexico: El Colegio de Mexico
A Darker Shade of Crimson: Odyssey of a Harvard Chicano 
Navarrette Jr.
A History of California Farmworkers: 1870-1941
Cletus E.
A Puerto Rican in New York and Other Sketches
Across the Border Cross  Harry E.
Al Norte Valdes Dennis Nodin 
Always Running Rodriguez Luis T.
America Baudrillard Jean
American Indian Holocaust and Survival Thornton Russell
American Indians, American Justice Deloria Jr. Vine
An Economic History of Women in America Matthaei Julie A.
Ar'n't I a Woman? White Deborah
As Our Barrio Turns...Who the Yoke B on? Altruista  
Assault with a Deadly Weapon: About An Incident in E.L.A. & the Closing of Whittier Blvd. Rodriguez R.
Assimilation, Colonialism and the Mexican American People Murguia Edward
Aztec and Navajos; Indian Identity Versus Assimilation Leon-Portilla  Miguel
Aztec Sorcerers in Seventeenth Century Mexico Coe  Michael D.
Aztecas Del Norte: The Chicanos of Aztlan Forbes Jack D.
Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies Noriega Chon A.
Barrio of the Edge/Caras Viejas y Vino Nuevo Morales Alejandro
Becoming Mexican American Sanchez  George
Becoming Neighbors Ochoa Gilda L.
Between Money and Love  Sokoloff  Natalie 
Beyond Language: Social & Cultural Factors in Schooling Language Minority Students    
Beyond Stereotypes Herrera-Sobek Maria
Bibliography of Recent Chicano History Writings, 1970-1975 Arroyo Luis Leobardo
Bitter Harvest Daniel Cletus E.
Black Women in the Workplace Woody Bette
Bless Me Ultima Anaya Rudolfo
Border Visions Vellez-Ibanez Carlos G.
Boricua Literature: A Literary History of the Puerto Rican Diaspora Gonzalez Lisa Sanchez
Boss Rule in South Texas Anders  Evan
Brick People Morales Alejandro
Buried Mirror Fuentes Carlos
Calendar of Souls, Wheel of Fire Valle Victor
Canícula:  Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera Cantú Norma E.
Cannery Women/Cannery Lives Ruiz Vicky L.
Capitalist Fools Von Hoffman Nicholas
Caramelo Cisneros  Sandra
Casa de la Raza    
Caught in the Crisis Amott Teresa
Challenge: Latinos in a Changing California    
Chicana A Comprehensive Bi Cabello-Argandona Roberto
Chicana Creativity & Criticism Herrera-Sobek Maria
Chicana Literary and Artistic Expressions Herrera-Sobek Maria
Chicanismo Carey-H. Patrick
Chicano Hudley Jr. Norris
Chicano Alternative Education    
Chicano Cinema--Research, Reviews, and Resources Keller Gary D.
Chicano Discourse Mindiola Tatcho Jr.
Chicano Education in the Era of Segregation Gonzalez Gilbert G.
Chicano Experience West  Stanley A.
Chicano Poetry A Response to  Novoa Bruce
Chicano Political Experience Garcia F. Chris
Chicano Politics and Society in the Late Twentieth Century   Montejano David
Chicano Struggle Analyses of Past and Present Efforts    
Chicano the Beginnings of Bron Rosaldo Renato
Chicanos and Native Americans: The Territorial Minorities de la Garza Rudolph
Children of Sanchez Lewis  Oscar
Chosen Shore, The Conley Ellen Alexander
City Bound Sanchez Jankowski Martin
City of Women-Sex and Class in New York 1789-1860 Stansell Christine
Classes, Strata and Power Wesolowski W.
Codex Telleriano-Remensis Keber Quinones Eloise
Colonial Latin America Burkholder Mark A.
Color Line and the Quality Farley Reynolds
Community Empowerment    
Compact History of Mexico    
Conquest of America Koning Hans
Contemporary Guide to Literary Terms Barton Edwin J.
Course of Mexican History Meyer Michael
Covering Immigration Chavez Leo R.
Created Equal: A Social and Political History of U.S., Vol I Ruiz Vicki L.
Created Equal: A Social and Political History of U.S., Vol II Ruiz Vicki L.
Created Equal: A Social and Political History of U.S. (Second Edition) Ruiz Vicki L.
Created Equal: A History of United States (Third Edition) Ruiz Vicki L.
Critical  Pedagogy Reader Torres Rodolfo D.
Crossing Lines: Race and Mixed Race Across the Geographical Divide    
Cuban Americans Gonzalez-Pando Miguel
Cuentos Chicanos Anaya Rudolfo A.
Cuentos: Stories by Latinas Gomez Alma
Culture and Poverty Valentine Charles A.
Culture of Poverty: A Critique Leacock Eleanor Burke
Curanderismo: Mexican-American Folk Psychiatry Kiev Ari
Day of the Dead Haley Shawn
Death of the Anglo Morales Alejandro
Decline of the Californians Pitt Leonard
Detras De La Mascara Jorge Ramos
Democrats Must Lead MacGregor Burns James
Development of the Mexican Working Class North of the Rio Bravo Gomez-Quinones Juan
Diccionario del Español Chicano Galvan  Roberto A.
Documentary History of the Mexican Americans Moquin  Wayne
Dominican Americans Torres-Saillant  Silvio
Down These Mean Streets Thomas Piri
Drawing the Line Baddeley Oriana
Dreaming in Cuban Garcia Cristina
Dynamics of U.S. Capitalist  Sweezy Paul M.
East Los Angeles Romo  Ricardo
Economics of Signs and Space Lash Scott
El Grito de Lares Framber-Buxeda Aline
El Pueblo Johansen Bruce
Elegies in Blue Saenz  Benjamin Alire
Encountering Development: The Making and Unmaking of the Third World Escobar  Arturo
Enter Plato Gouldner Alvin W.
Erased Faces Limon Graciela
Essays in Population History: Mexico and California Volume 3
Sherburne F.
Ethnic Los Angele Waldinger Roger
Ethnicity Yinger J. Milton
Ethnicity & Assimilation Jiobu Robert M.
Evolution of Urban Society Adams  Robert McC.
Fantasies of the Master Race Churchill Ward
Feminism and Sexual Equality Eisenstein Zillah R.
Feminism and the Contradiction Ramazanoglu Caroline
Feminism without Illusions Fox-Genovese Elizabeth
Filibustero Lazo Rodrigo
Fluid Borders Garcia Bedolla Lisa
Floating Borderlands: Twenty-five years of U.S. Hispanic Literature Flores Lauro
Forging a Community The Latino Lane James B.
Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo Herrera Hayden
Friendly Fascism Gross Bertram
Afro-Cuban Rhythms to Latin Jazz Fernandez  
From Out of the Shadows Ruiz Vicky L.
From Peones to Politicos: Ethnic Relations in a South Texas Town 1900-1977 Foley  Douglas E.
Frontier on the Rio Grande House  John W.
Gender and U.S. Immigration - Contemporary Trends Hondagneu-Sotelo Pierrette
Good Society Madsen Richard
Great River Horgan  Paul
Gringo Manual Gutierrez Jose Angel
Guest Workers or Colonized Labor?: Mexican Labor Migration to the United States Gonzalez Gilbert G.
Habits of the Heart Madsen Richard
Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy Rodriguez Adrian J.
Harvest of Empire Gonzalez  Juan 
Hispanic American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology Kanellos Nicolas
Hispanic Mental Health Research Reference Guide  Newton  Frank Cota-Robles
Hispanic Population of the Bean Frank D.
History, Culture and Society:    
Holding the Line? The Effect of the Recent Border Build-up on Unauthorized Immigration Reyes Belinda I.
House on Mango Street Cisneros Sandra
How the United States Racializes Latinos: White Hegemony & Its Consequences Cobas Jose
Hoyt Street Ponce Mary Helen
Hunger of Memory Rodriguez Richard
Ideology of a Peasant Revolution Millon Robert
Ignored Voices de la Garza Rodolfo O.
Images of Power AndermannRowe JensWilliam
Illegal Alien from Mexico Weintraub  Sidney
Immigrants Out! Perea Juan F.
In Red and Black Genovese Eugene D.
Indian Christ, The Indian King Bricker  Victoria Reifler
Influentials in Two Border Cities  D'Antonio  William V.
Journey of Hope: Memoirs of a Mexican Girl Rosay Rosalina
KIAS Papers: Yearbook 2006, Cabinet of Ibero-American Studies Klima Jan
La Chicana Building for the Future    
La Nueva California:  Latinos in the Golden State Hayes-Bautista David E.
Labor and Monopoly Capital Braverman Harry
Labor and the Community Gonzalez Gilbert G.
Labor Rights Are Civil Rights: Mexican American Workers in Twentieth-Century America Vargas Zaragosa
Labor Versus Empire: Race, Gender, and Migration Gonzalez Gilbert G.
Labyrinths of Power Smith  Peter H.
Last Generation Moraga Cherrie
Last of the Menu Girls Chavez  Denise
Latino Metropolis Torres Rodolfo
Latin Jazz Fernandez Raul
Latin Journey: Cuban and Mexican Immigrants in the United States Portes Alejandro
Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia Volume 1 (A-G) Ruiz Vicki L.
Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia Volume 2 (H-P) Ruiz Vicki L.
Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia Volume 3 (Q-Z) Ruiz Vicki L.
Latino Social Movements Torres Rodolfo D.
Latino/a Thought Vazquez  Francisco H.
Latino Voices--Mexican, Puerto de la Garza Rodolfo O.
Latinos - A Biography of the People Shorris  Earl
Latinos and Education Darder Antonia
Latinos and Politics A Select Garcia Chris F.
Latinos in a Changing U.S. Economy   Morales Rebecca
Latinos in Lotusland Olivas Daniel
Latinos - Remaking America Suarez-Orozco Marcelo M.
Letters to a Young Artist Smith Anna Deavere
Lineages of the Absolutist State Anderson Perry
Living Chicana Theory Trujillo Clara
Locas Murray Yxta Maya
Logic of Suprise in International Conflict Alex R. Hybel
Los Manitos A Study of Institutional Values Edmonson  Munro S.
Los Mojados: The Wetback Story Samora  Julian
Loving Pedro Infante (English & Spanish Version) Chavez Denise
Magical Urbanism: Latinos Reinvent the U.S. City Davis Mike
Majority in the Minority Castellanos Jeanett
Making Ends Meet Sarmiento  Socorro Torres
Making of Mexican American Garcia Mario T.
Making Waves    
Martin & Malcolm & America Cone James H.
Marxism and Native Americans Churchill Ward
Massacre of the Dreamers/Essay Castillo Ana
Materiales para la Demolicionde esta Vida
Herrera Alfonso
Memoir Reunion Hayden Tom
Memorandum on Rights in Waters of the Lower Rio Grande in the Spanish Colonial... Oñate  Santiago
Memorandum on the Spanish and Mexican Irrigation System of San Antonio    
Memories and Migration: Mapping Boricua and Chicana Histories Ruiz Vicki
Mexican American Family A Hoobler Dorothy
Mexican-American People Grebler  Leo
Mexican-American Family:  Tradition and Change Williams Norma
Mexican Americans - Volume 1 (Research Bibliography) Pino  Frank
Mexican Americans - Volume 2 (Research Bibliography) Pino  Frank
Mexican-Americans in Comparative Perspective Connor  Walker
Mexican Americans of South Madsen William
Mexican Americans/ American Me Meier Matt S.
Mexican Cinema/Mexican Woman: 1940-1950 Hershfield Joanne
Mexican Consuls and Labor Orga Gonzalez Gilbert
Mexican Corrido Herrera-Sobek Maria
Mexican Postcards Monsivais Carlos
Mexican-Americans in the South Galarza Ernesto
Mexicano/Chicano Concerns and School Desegregation in Los Angeles Haro Carlos Manuel
Mexicans at Work in the United Melville Margarita B.
Mexico--A Selected Bibliography Maciel David R.
Mexico's Cinema / A Century of Hershfield Joanne
Migraciones Internacionales Unknown  Unknown
Migrant Agricultural Workers in America's Northeast Friedland  William H.
Miraculous Day of Amalia G Rechy John
Mixquiahuala Letters Castillo Ana
Mode of Production and Social Hindess Barry
Money Talks Clawson Dan
Muted Voices DeSipio Louis
Mystery of Survival (and ot Gaspar de Alba Alicia
Native America Portrait of the Champagne Duane
Nepantla Mora Pat
New Day in Babylon Van Deburg William L.
New Introduction to Modal Lo Hughes G. E.
Nickel and Dimed Barbara Ehrenreich
Nuestra Voz Calderon Roberto R.
Occupied America Acuña  Rodolfo
Odd Tribes Toward a Cultural Analysis of White People Hartigan John Jr.
One By One From The Inside Out Loury Glenn C.
Only the Good Times Bruce-Novoa Juan
Other Californians Heizer  Robert F.
Other Mexico: Critique of the Pyramid Paz  Octavio
Other Side Martinez Ruben
Pain & Promise: The Chicano Today Simmen  Edward
Pancho Villa's Revolution By Headlines Anderson Mark Cronlund
Parameters of Institutional Change    
Peoples of Color in the America Chan Sucheng
Pequeña Nación Morales Alejandro
Personal Politics Evans Sara
Poems Across the Pavement Rodriguez Luis J.
Policy Implications of Latino Poverty Enchautegui  Maria E.
Politics and Society in the So Kruszewski Z. Anthony
Politics of Ethnicity in Southern Mexico Campbell  Howard
Posada's Popular Mexican Print Posada Jose Guadalupe
Pre-Capitalist Modes of Production Hindess Barry
Princes of Naranja Friedrich  Paul
Psiquiatria Folklorica Seguin Carlos Alberto
Puerto Rican in New York and Colon Jesus
Puerto Rican Struggle Rodriguez Clara
Puerto Ricans born in the U.S. Rodriguez Clara E.
Puro Border Crosthwaite Luis
Pursuing Power:  Latinos and the Political System. Garcia Chris F.
Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Healey Joseph F.
Rag Doll Plagues Morales Alejandro
Rainbow of Gangs Vigil James Diego
Rain of Gold Villasenor Victor
Razon de la Loqura y Locura de la Razon Arias Alfonso
Readings on La Raza Meier Matt S.
Rebirth: Mexican Los Angeles From The Great Migration To The Great Depression Monroy Douglas
Reconstructing a Chicano/a Literary Heritage Herrera-Sobek Maria
Recovery of Race in America Gresson III Aaron David
Rediscovering Cuba: A Personal Memoir Reyes Jorge
Reflections of the Mexican Experience in Texas Melville  Margarita B.
Religions of Mesoamerica Carrasco David
Research with Hispanic Population  Marin Gerardo
Retro en el Paraiso Morales Alejandro
Rules of Sociological Methodology Durkheim Emile
Scar of Race Sniderman Paul M.
Seeking Community In A Global City: Guatemalans and Salvadorians in Los Angeles Hamilton Nora
Sexuality of Latinas Alarcon Norma
Shame of the Nation Kozol Jonathan
Shadowed Lives Chavez Leo
Society Must Be Defended Foucault Michel
Songs of Experience:  Modern American and European Variations on a Universal Theme Jay Martin
Sons of the Shaking Earth Wolf  Eric
Southeast Frontier of New Spain Gerhard  Peter
Spanish Speaking Children of the South-West Manuel Herschel T.
Spiders in the House & Workers in the Field Galarza  Ernesto
Spilling the Beans/Loteria Chicana Burciaga Jose Antonio
State of Texas, et al V. Valmont Plantation, et al    
Strategic Interventions in Education Hurtado Aida
Street Wars:  Gangs and the Future of Violence Hayden Tom
Sweet Fifteen Gonzales Bertrand Diane
Sweet Diamond Dust and Other Stories Ferre Rosario
Taking on General Motors Mann Eric
Teachers Writers Celebrities Debray Regis
Tejano Community, 1836-1900 De Leon Arnoldo
Terror of the Machine Peña Devon G.
The Bronze Screen Fregoso Rosa Linda
The Chicano Simmen Edward
The Chicanos: Mexican American Voices Ludwig Ed
The Chicanos: Life and Struggles of the Mexican Minority in the United States Lopez Gilberto
The Decline of the Californios Pitt Leonard
The Night is Young: Sexuality in Mexico in the Time of Aids Carrillo Hector
The Practice of U.S. Women's History Ruiz Vicki
The Rag Doll Plagues Morales Alejandro
The Tattooed Soldier Tobar Hector
Thrown Among Strangers Monroy Douglas
Tijuana: Urbanization in a Border Culture Price  John A.
Toward a Chicano Social Science Blea  Irene I.
Transformations: Migration, Family Life, and Achievement Motivation Among Latino Adolescents. Marcelo Suarez-Orozco
Transition from Feudalism Hilton Rodney
Transnational Connections Hannerz  Ulf
Uncertain Americans Dinnerstein  Leonard
Under the Feet of Jesus Viramontes Helena Maria
Understanding Latino Families Zambrana Ruth E.
Understanding Older Chicanas 
Unequal Sisters: An Idclusive Reader in U.S. Woman's History (Fourth Edition)
Unfinished Journey: Destruction  Olsen Laurie
United States-Mexico Border
Raul A.
Urban Education in America
Venezuelan Peasant in Country and City
Waiting to Happen Morales Alejandro
Warriors for Gringostroika
We Are Chicanos
Philip D.
When Nature Goes Public:  The Making and Unmaking of Bioprospecting in Mexico
Wherever I Go, I Will Always Be a Loyal American Pak Yoon K.
Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories Cisneros Sandra
Woman's Wage Kessler-Harris Alice
Women and the American Labor Movement Foner Philip
Women's Voices from the Border Castillo-Speed Lillian
Work Family Sex Roles Language    
Working in the Dark Baca Jimmy Santiago
Worst Years of Our Lives Ehrenreich Barbara
Zapata and the Mexican Revolution Womack  John




* These books are photocopied and can be found in the "Miscellaneous" cabinet drawer of the CLSP office.

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