Gilbert G. Gonzalez Graduate Student Paper Prize

The Gilbert G. Gonzalez Graduate Student Paper Prize is awarded every spring to the best research paper written by a graduate student who is enrolled in the Graduate Emphasis or has taken the CHC/LAT 200A graduate seminar or is recommended by a Chic Lat faculty adviser. To read more about Gilbert G. Gonzalez’s importance to Chicano/Latino Studies, and if you want to view the documentary Harvest of Empire please click here.


2023 Award Winners
  • Maria Carina Saiidi Padilla, "El español importa: Pedagogical Practices to Make Spanish Language Programs Meaningful and Practical for Heritage Speakers"
  • Giovanna Alcantar Rebollar, "Where is the love? Towards a Pedagogy of Remembrance"


2022 Award Winner
  • Jessica Lynn Torres Baker, "Victimized-Crimminalized Subjectivity: Exploring Legal Consciousness Through the Lens of the U-Visa"


2021 Award Winner
  • Linda Esmeralda Sanchez Ovalle, "Facing COVID-19 as an Undocumented Essential Worker"


2020 Award Winner
  • Brian Flores, “Y Nosotros Vivimos Aquí en la Frontera”: Modes of Framing Latina/o Identity in the Autobiographies of José Policarpo Rodriguez and Santiago Tafolla”
2019 Award Winners
  • Deyanira Martinez Nevárez and Maria Rendón, “Los Olvidados/The Forgotten: Reconceptualizing Colonias as Viable Communities”
  • Martha Arhemi Morales, “I Try not to Things About it: Gender and Illegality in the Coping Process of Unodocumented College Students”
2018 Award Winners
  • Vanessa Delgado, “Legal Brokers: Navigating Illegality through Undocumented Resource Networks”
  • Daniel Millán, “Undocumented and Distracted: How Immigration Laws Shape the Academic Experiences of Undocumented College Students” 

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