The UCI Department of Chicano/Latino Studies offers the opportunity to earn up to three Departmental certificates. Each certificate recognizes successful completion of a focused course of study in one of three areas. Applications and notices of designated University or Departmental events, seminars, and colloquia pertaining to each certificate will be posted on the undergraduate bulletin board on the 3rd floor of Social Science Tower (across from elevator) and online on our Calendar of Events page. You must sign in at each event you attend, and submit a completed  Certificate Colloquium Summary Form within a week of the event to the Undergraduate Director, Professor Glenda M. Flores, in SST 371.  The certificate program is available to all majors.

For each certificate, you are required to complete three courses in its field with a grade of C or better, and participate in three designated university departmental events, seminars, or colloquia with a focus on the Chicano/Latino community. Please note that courses and events may not be used for more than one certificate.  Students must submit the Certificate Application(s) and transcripts to Professor Glenda M. Flores on-line or in person at her office SST 371.  Certificates will be presented at an annual awards ceremony at the end of the school year, date to be announced. 


History and Culture Certificate

The certificate recognizes special expertise in the history and culture of Chicano and Latino communities with special emphasis on gender roles and sexuality.

  • CHC/LAT 61 Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies I or CHC/LAT 62 Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies II and
  • One from:
    • CHC/LAT 110 Topics in Chicano Literature and Culture
    • CHC/LAT 114 Film Media and the Latino Community
    • CHC/LAT 121 Latina/Latino Popular Culture
    • CHC/LAT 129 Special Topics in Literature, Arts, Media, Culture (as approved)
    • CHC/LAT 132A Chicana/Chicano History: Pre-Colonial to 1900
    • CHC/LAT 132B Chicana/Chicano History: Twentieth Century
    • CHC/LAT 134 U. S. Latino Cultures
    • CHC/LAT 135 Latinas in the Twentieth Century
    • CHC/LAT 139 Special Topics in Chicano/Latino History (as approved)
  • One from:
    • CHC/LAT 140A Latina/Latino Queer Sexualities
    • CHC/LAT 158 Feminisms of Color
    • CHC/LAT 159  Special Topics in Society, Labor, Law, Gender, Race, Ethnicity (as approved)
    • CHC/LAT 170 Chicano/Latino Families
    • CHC/LAT 171 Chicano/Latino Psychology
    • CHC/LAT 179 Special Topics in Health, Medicine, and Psychosocial Dynamics (as approved)


Social Policy and Issues

This certificate focuses on issues and policies affecting the Chicano and Latino community and its access to and participation in social institutions.

  • CHC/LAT 63 Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies III or CHC/LAT 64 Introduction to Race and Ethnicity in Political Science and
  • Two from:
    • CHC/LAT 142 Latinos and the Law
    • CHC/LAT 147 Comparative Minority Politics
    • CHC/LAT 148 Racial and Ethnic Relations in the United States
    • CHC/LAT 151 Latinos in U. S. Politics
    • CHC/LAT 153 Cross-Cultural Research on Urban Gangs
    • CHC/LAT 154 Latino Metropolis
    • CHC/LAT 155 Culture Change and the Mexican People
    • CHC/LAT 159 Special Topics in Society, Labor, Politics, Law, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity (as approved)
    • CHC/LAT 166 The Chicano Movement
    • CHC/LAT 176 Race, Science, and Disease
    • CHC/LAT 179 Special Topics in Health, Medicine, and Psychosocial Dynamics (as approved)
    • CHC/LAT 189 Special Topics in Educational Policy and Issues


Chicano/Latino Community in a Global Context

This certificate recognizes focuses on the study of globalization, transnationalism, and immigration and their impact on the Chicano and Latino community.

  • CHC/LAT 63 Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies III or CHC/LAT 65 Ethnic and Immigrant America and
  • Two from:
    • CHC/LAT 160 Perspectives on the U. S. – Mexican Border
    • CHC/LAT 161 Transnational Migration
    • CHC/LAT 163 U. S. Immigration Policy
    • CHC/LAT 167 Latinos in a Global Society
    • CHC/LAT 169 Special Topics in Globalization, Transnationalism, Immigration, U. S. – Mexico Border (as approved)


Other courses for any of the certificates may be approved by petition.

For more information on the department's certificate program, please contact Professor Glenda M. Flores at


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