The Honors Program in Chicano/Latino Studies is designed to allow undergraduates to pursue independent research and write an honors thesis on topics of their choice under the guidance of Chicano/ Latino Studies faculty members. Research projects typically involve a combination of library research, data analysis, and field research. The program is open to all senior Chicano/Latino Studies majors with a grade point average of 3.3 or better overall, with 3.5 in Chicano/ Latino Studies courses (at least five courses). Prior completion of or concurrent enrollment in Chicano/Latino Studies 101 (Research in the Latino Community) is strongly recommended. Successful completion of the Honors Program and the honors thesis satisfies the upper-division writing requirement.

Although course work for the Honors Program does not start until the senior year, it is highly recommended that during the spring quarter of the junior year, students find a professor willing to serve as their research project advisor on the basis of a mutually acceptable abstract that indicates the goal and significance of their project. If extensive research is to be undertaken at this time, students should enroll in Chicano/Latino Studies 199.

During the fall quarter of the senior year, students enroll in Chicano/Latino Studies H190A and write a proposal describing their research question, the relevant background literature, and the method of data collection and analysis. Field work for the project may begin during this quarter.

In the winter quarter of the senior year, students begin or continue their research by enrolling in Chicano/Latino Studies H190B. In the spring quarter of the senior year, students enroll in Chicano/ Latino Studies H190C and complete a senior honors thesis.

Open to senior Chicano/Latino Studies majors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 and a 3.5 in the major (minimum of 5 courses)

Enrollment in Chicano/Latino Studies
H190A-B-C and completion of honors thesis.
Prior completion of Chicano/Latino Studies 101 and 102W recommended.

Applications are available here.

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